Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer door/warehouse delivery of the goods. We also offer other INCOTERMS like Ex-works, FOB, CIF, DDP etc.

2) Does the product price include Ex Works, FOB, and DDP shipping?

No, shipping is extra.

3) Do you provide dropshipping?

We offer drop shipping services for B2B shipments. We do not offer B2C drop shipping because the cost of the product + air shipping for each order from India is too high for any business to sell profitably.  

4) What certificates do you have?

We have an ISO certificate for our quality control and manufacturing process.
Our Processes are already 6 sigma compliant and we are in the process of certification. For each shipment, we will share individual certificates like Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary certificate. Fumigation and any other manufacturing/export certificates depending on your country.

5) What is the turnaround time?

We manufacture and ship a full container in 25-40 days depending on the SKUs.The TAT gets better with each following shipment.

6) How do you ensure quality?

We do a thorough internal inspection and a mandatory third-party inspection for all shipments. Our quality is evident from the 3000+ 5 Star reviews on our customer’s Amazon/Ecom stores.

7) What are the different qualities available?

We have domestic and export quality products

8) What certificates do you have (To show authenticity and compliance)?
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • COI (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • PQ (Plant and Quarantine)
  • LFGB Germany
  • SGS
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
9) What ports do you ship to in USA?
  • We can ship to any port, but we suggest New York Port in NY, LAX or Long Beach in California.
  • We have the two current warehouses/3PL in the same places.
10) Do you make custom designs? For an MOQ

Yes, we make custom designs as per the need. We have mold designers. We will charge you a deposit cost for each mold and will adjust the cost on 50,000 pieces in order. We will return the deposit.

11) Do you offer white labelling?

We offer a completely white-labeling service

12) What kind of restaurants do these plates sell in ?
  • These products sell very well in take away joints, fast casual restaurants where food gets served in quick turnarounds
13) Whom do you sell to - Sellers on the above platforms?
  • We sell to online and offline sellers across the world.
  • Online include marketplaces, E-com stores like Amazon, Walmart, Costco etc.
  • Private label brands built generally on Shopify wordpress etc.
  • Offline stores in local areas
  • Event Planners and Hiking planners

I'm so sorry for interrupting you!

Before joining hands together, Refer to the certification we have

14) Do you do laser engraving or embossing?
  • Yes, Its dependent on the size of the lazer print in sq. Inch. Complexity of the design + and number of pieces in order. Cost approx 0.2 usd/sq.inch.
  • Generally, it is not a practice to laser engrave for branded sales since the cost goes high.
15) Do you work with CSR?
  • Yes, we do work with CSR. The organisation generally uses the purchase to donate for specific rural village.
  • We also have businesses donating for us to use to sending cutleries to religious intitutions near our factory.
16) Can you do DDP shipping for my goods ?
  • We can get quotes from our freight forwarders.
  • Ask client to get a quote from a couple of FFs.
  • Get quotes on online FFs like ship freight and freights.
17) Do you provide B2C dropshipping?
  • No, we do not provide B2C dropshipping. This is because the products are large in volume and light in weight. It is not economical to ship each order. Although we do offer B2B drop shipping.
  • You can buy orders in bulk, ship them to the destination; or store them in your warehouses or our preleased warehouses. We are consistently growing our partner network warehouses.
  • We also offer API integration for your E-commerce store.
18) Where can I find your products - Amazon, Walmart, Tesco, Costco, Lulu?

As a B2B, we sell to businesses who directly sell to the customers in the above mentioned E-commerce platforms. You can find our products from any of our customer’s stores. Palm Naki, BTBC, etc

19) Do you take returns?

We don’t take returns. But we can confidently tell you that you will have some of the lowest number of returns when you buy from us. Especially related to product/packaging quality.

20) Do you offer free samples?

Yes, we offer free samples. You just have to pay the shipping cost.

21) How many shapes and sizes do you have?

We have 49 different shapes and sizes on Areca plates and bowls

22) What is your manufacturing/export capacity?

We can supply 22 lakh pieces per month

23) Do you have warehouses/3PL partnerships?
  • We have a warehouse in Coimbatore,Bengaluru, Sathyamangalam, Chennai in India.
  • We have access 14 warehouses/3PL completely in USA.
  • We also have 3PLs in Canada, Spain, UK, Dubai.
24) What other products do you have?
  • We have 10 + products on the catalog. We are always adding new products.
  • Feel free to suggest if you’d like us to add any specific products on our inventory.
25) How to take advantage of combined shipping?

We use combined shipping to minimize the cost.

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