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India has banned 19 types of single-use plastics including straws from July 1, 2022. Many other countries like UAE have followed suit and are looking for sustainable alternatives to the use of plastic tableware.

To avoid plastic pollution, companies are on the lookout for renewable resources to manufacture affordable alternatives to plastics. One such convenient plastic alternative is the use of biodegradable plates. These plates are not only the affordable option but also the easily disposable option that we have for serving food. At every event and party, these disposable plates have come to stay.

Disposable plates are of different varieties based on the material in which they are made. Some types of disposable plates are paper plates and leaf plates.

Among the leaf plates, there are different varieties- banana leaf plates, bamboo plates, areca palm plates, etc. Of all these, natural palm leaf plates are emerging as the most viable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic plates.

Palm Leaf Plates  

Palm leaf products are slowly replacing paper plates at every birthday party, barbecue party, and camping trip. The reason for this is the ruggedness of the plates, which helps keep the semi-solid or liquid food item intact without spilling or sagging. They are hygienic as they are made from natural leaves. They can also be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner without leaving any carbon footprint.

Palm leaf products are manufactured from the leaves of areca palm trees. They are made from palm sheaths compressed by heated moulds to form plates.

Unlike bamboo plates which need the bamboo stems to be felled, palm plates are made from already fallen areca leaves. So, they avoid mass deforestation and help in sustainable living. These plates are biodegradable and easily compostable or recyclable. So, they are the ideal raw material for making biodegradable plates. Their manufacturing process is also safe and non-hazardous, reducing significant amounts of pollution in land, air, and water.

These compostable palm leaf plates appear in the natural leaf colour, preserving the beauty of nature. They can be in oval, rectangular, square, or circular shapes.

Areca leaf tableware consists of palm leaf trays, cups, plates, spoons, etc. They are ideal as event and party supplies for any office party, birthday party, or an ideal choice for weddings.

Palm leaf tableware is an affordable solution for dishes at food trucks as they save on the labour for dishwashing and are ideal for packing takeaways.

Sourcing palm leaf plates in India  

India is the right destination for sourcing palm leaf plates. The warm tropical climate of India is congenial for the growth of Areca palms. These palm trees abound on most of the coastal shores of India.

In India, areca palm cultivation is done on nearly 4 lakh hectares of land. At least 5400 million Areca leaves are shredded and cast off as agro waste every year. These palm leaves can be easily converted into eco palm leaf plates.

There is a huge capacity to manufacture palm leaf plates in India. Currently, there are less than 5000 units of palm plate manufacturing all over India. This number can be developed to 30,000 units.

The states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam, etc. are the areas where these areca palms are in abundance. The people in these states use palm plates regularly in their daily lives. That is why palm plate making is so common in these areas. Palm plate making is a cottage industry that is popular in many small towns and cities in these states.

There is a huge demand for palm leaf plates in the UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Israel, etc. With government subsidies and help from banks, many manufacturers are trying to meet this demand via exports.

Finding the right Palm Plate supplier in India  

If you come to India, there is no dearth of Areca leaf plate suppliers. If you want to buy Areca plates in bulk, look for a supplier like Arbhu Enterprises which commits to quality and supplies only premium quality plates.

Palm leaf plates are the ideal and affordable option for food service. Get them at best quality and rates from a reputed Indian supplier with a commitment to quality products. Contact us for more details.

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