Wellness Salad Bowl [Pack of 2]


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These gorgeous-looking Salad Bowls are ergonomically designed to provide a perfect grip. Additionally, this magical product leaves behind a faint fragrance of pine needles after every wash!

  • The product’s bio-based consists of Authentic Himalayan Pine needles and every product assists in saving the Himalayas from forest fire incidents. With each purchase, you can stop up to 200 grams of plastic from entering landfills.
  • This salad bowl is Food Safe and BPA-free tested as per United States’ FDA standards as well as the European Union’s LFGB codes, is unbreakable and microwave safe, and has a 2-liter volume.
  • These have an exquisite texture, brought upon by the packed pine needles, and hence offer a unique touch and feel to the user. Product is a result of natural processes and colors may vary slightly.
  • As per IPCC guidelines, each purchase accounts for your reducing total Carbon Dioxide emissions by 5387 grams.


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