10” Square Palm Leaf Plate



Grade A, Grade B

Cut Type

Deep, Shallow

Product Dimension


Pack Dimension


Pcs Per Pack


Packs Per Box


CBM Per Box

0.2 CBM


Areca, Birchwood

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1 Pack = 25 plates

1 Box = 8 packs = 200 plates

1 Box (Large) = 12 Packs= 300 plates

If you want the convenience of disposable dinnerware without harm to the environment, this palm leaf set is a must-have!

Each plate is durable enough for use with both hot and cold foods and can simply be thrown away when you’re done eating. This keeps you from having to wash so many dishes, saving you time and water.

Providing a stylish natural look and earthy undertone, this dinnerware set of palm leaf plates and utensils is made from the fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree and is very safe for the environment.

No chemicals, waxes, dyes, or additives are used to make these plates, which makes them a stylish and unique alternative to other disposable dinnerware on the market such as bamboo plates.

Use these Areca leaf plates for large appetizers, salad, and desserts or for light entrees. Perfect serving plates for the wedding, catering, birthdays, cocktail parties, family dinners, BBQs, picnics, and other parties.

 Key Benefits

  • Disposable, eco-friendly products biodegrade in just a few months so you can toss your plate when you’re done while also being kind to the earth
  • Visually stunning plates give your party or barbeque an edge as the beautiful natural wood plate look pairs well with any theme and home decor
  • Disposable dinner plates are made of high-quality sturdy material, ensuring longer use and zero mess
  • Free of harmful chemicals, so you can safely enjoy your meal without worrying about what might be leaking into your food


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