How do you find an export agent for areca leaf plates?

export agent for areca leaf plates

If you plan to venture into a new business, try exporting Areca palm leaf plates. The demand for these disposable plates is huge as these palm leaf plates are eco-friendly being made of 100% organic plant material. Many countries in Europe that have banned plastics opt for these Areca leaf products for their biodegradability. That is why these palm leaf plates are sought-after in countries like Australia, Israel, Japan, Germany, etc,

Reasons why you should venture into Areca leaf plate exports  

International demand

Internationally, a huge demand for Palm leaf plates is seen in Europe, Australia, Africa, the United States, and the Middle East. India is the largest producer of Areca palm with these palm trees being grown majorly in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, the North-East Indian states, etc.

Ample production

Nearly 500,000 hectares of land are under Areca palm cultivation in India. Karnataka leads the list in Areca palm cultivation, producing 63% of this crop. Following this are Kerala and Assam. Together, this trio of states contributes to 89% of the crop production. Nearly, 1000,000 tonnes of palm are produced in India every year.

Easy availability of raw materials

From the city of Thrissur alone in Kerala, 24 lakh plates are exported every year. The state of Kerala alone has 50-100 manufacturing units. Most of the fallen leaves go to waste as there is no awareness that from a dry leaf, you can make a disposable plate. So, there is abundant availability of raw materials and ample scope for setting up an Arecanut leaf plate business.

Easy manufacturing

The manufacturing of disposable areca plates is simple. All it needs is hand-pressing the palm leaves using heat moulds.  So, it requires very little infrastructure and labour.

Ancillary units

Even if you do not want to manufacture, you can still procure the palm plates from ancillary units and cottage industries and export them.

Fair profit margins

For promoting green and sustainable initiatives, there is clearly an incentive by exporting these palm plates.

These factors are clear proof of the viability of exports of Areca Leaf plates. The next step is to find a good export agent to start your business.

Factors to consider while selecting an export agent for your Areca Leaf Plate Exports

An export agent is a person who acts on your behalf as an exporter to conduct the business transactions for the export, on a commission basis. To find a reliable agent for the exports of areca leaf plates, you must bear in mind the following factors.

Good knowledge of the Areca plate industry

The export agent must have a thorough knowledge of the areca plate-making process. He must also know the different varieties of the product available, like the dinner plate, areca leaf bowl, compartment Areca leaf plate etc. Apart from this, knowing the assorted sizes available also helps.

Contacts with areca plate suppliers

The agent must have a wide network of contacts with areca plate manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers. He must know where to procure premium quality items suitable for export from the Areca leaf dinnerware line.

Knowledge of Shipment procedure and shipping charges

As an export agent, in-depth knowledge of freight charges for export shipments is a must. He must liaise with transporters and shipping companies to negotiate on transportation charges, FOB charges, etc.

License renewal

The agent must keep constant track of export and trade licenses for various countries and renew them on expiry.

Finding an export agent for yourAreca Leaf Plate Exports  

To find such a skilled export agent who fits the bill according to the above requirements, you must do the following.

  • Attend food trade fairs and events on Areca plate exports
  • Register on International trade portals like Amazon, Alibaba, etc
  • Get an exporters directory from the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Check online trade directories like,,,, etc

Choose areliable and reputed export agent with exhaustive knowledge of the Areca palm plate industry. Start exportingAreca Palm Products and pave the way for a bright future.

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