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All Natural And Organic

Beautiful, handmade and all-organic bowls that are easy to clean and a healthy alternative to harmful plastic bowls.No ink, dye or bleach is used.

Natural Polish

The bowl and spoon are polished naturally by hand with coconut oil. No harmful materials or chemicals are used in the process. If the bowl loses shine after 10-12 uses, you can polish it with coconut oil to revive, the smooth finish.

Returning To Nature

The coconut bowls are made of natural coconut shells. Each bowl is a unique gift that is individually hand-crafted by our local artisans.

Unique Tableware

Our bowls are unique and natural serving bowls perfect for smoothies, salads, muesli, cereals, ramen, dessert or snacks. They are ideal as sustainable gifting options.

Direct Manufacturers of Coconut Shell Cups from India

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