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1. Server to Host Your website:

Get ready for a smooth ride! We’ve got your website covered with top-notch hosting. Your site will be safe and sound on our super-fast servers, loading quickly so your visitors can browse without any hitches.





2. Product Detail Page: Website:

Show-off your products like never before! Our product detail pages let you put your items in the spotlight. Share awesome pictures, detailed descriptions, and interactive features that make each product shine.




3. Pre-uploaded Catalogue with Images:

Jump-start your online shop with our pre-loaded catalogue. Your website comes with a bunch of cool products already, complete with eye-catching images that’ll grab your visitors’ attention in a snap.





4. Free integrated plugins:

Boost your online shop’s superpowers with free plugins – they’re all good to go. These nifty tools make your shop work even better, giving your customers a seamless and awesome shopping experience.





5. Admin Panel Access: 

Take control of your online shop without breaking a sweat. Our easy-peasy admin panel lets you manage everything – from products and orders to stock levels – all in one place.



6. Home page: 

Step into shopping paradise! Our home page is like your gateway to a fantastic shopping adventure. It’s easy to explore, looks amazing, and is packed with the best products you could want.




7. Pre-defined product categories:

Go green with our special section of eco-friendly goodies. We’re all about sustainability, and these hand-picked products not only make the Earth happy but your wallet too.




8. Cart Page:

Smooth shopping all the way! Our cart page is designed to make your shopping journey easy as pie. You can add, change, or remove items without a hitch, making check out a breeze.




9. Payment Page:

Pay with confidence using our secure payment page. We’ve hooked up different payment options to suit your preferences, ensuring a safe and hiccup-free transaction.




10. Contact us page: 

Let’s chat! Our “Contact Us” page is your direct line to us. Reach out anytime, and let’s make your website shine even brighter – no strings attached!




11. Social media connectivity: 

Spread the word with our free social media feature. Connect your website to your social profiles and reach more people effortlessly. It’s like giving your website a megaphone!




12. About Us Page:

Let’s get personal! Our free “About Us” page lets you tell your story. Share your journey, values, and everything that makes you, well, you. It’s a chance to connect with your audience on a whole new level.




13. Thank You Page:

Say thanks in style! Our elegant thank you page lets your customers know you appreciate them. Plus, we’ll sweeten the deal with special offers to keep them coming back for more.

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